About Polter Pump

Mr. Sumit Bansal

The Origin dates back to 2003 When Mr. Sumit Bansal with a burning passion to make a difference set out to build a brand in the Indian electric and electronic goods panorama. 

Polter Pump is a leading supplier of pumps  and related systems.

POLTERPUMP established in the year 2003 and POLTERPUMP offers a range of products from  Induction Motors, Domestic Pumps, Agricultural Pumps, Industrial Motors, Domestic Motors, Openwell & Centrifugal, Monoblock Pump, Submersible Pump.

The success of the company is founded on innovative technology that is the fruit of its own research and development activities. POLTERPUMP’s research centres focus their efforts on hydraulics, materials technology and the automation of pumps and valves. Excellent efficiencies, energy-saving motors as well as equipment for the control and monitoring of system components ensure high overall energy efficiency.

Strategy For Innovation

Design Thinking attempts to inspire the essential element of creativity, the ability to take an abstract idea and create something with it. In the simplest terms, Design Thinking is ‘a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues, with the intent of an improved future result.’ It’s a methodology for actualizing your concepts and ideas.”*This is a collaboration between the Entrepreneurship Design to drive customer-focused innovation & technology.

The past few year we have seen so much change. Consumer needs are radically shifting. The nature of work and collaboration is fundamentally different. With all this change now is the time to innovate. However, many innovation efforts in business stall because the organization be much more responsive to the ever-changing needs of customers. The methods and mindsets of design have a proven track record of driving collaborative innovation across multiple industries.